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# Quasar App
# Rockets API and sample Frontend
The repository contains two parts - a sample API that can serve formatted data packages from the server and a small
front-end client that is the beginning of a fancy computing
package deployment environment. Both are only proof-of-concept
## API
The API is based on python and uses Flask with Flask-restplus.
To launch it you first have to install `pipenv` then use
`pipenv install` and then `pipenv run python`.
This will launch the API server on port 5000.
## Frontend client
The frontend client is built using Quasar-framework which is
based on `Vue.js`. To install and run enter the project directory,
then first run `yarn install`, and after that is done, run
`quasar dev` for the dev server. This assumes that the API
client is running on port 5000 in a different terminal window.
For more details see the respective frameworks and packages.
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